Starting Businesses

Thinking of starting a business?

We Can Help You Select The Type Of Company You Should Be!

Did you know that there are several different business types? There are sole proprietors, partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and corporations to name a few. Which one is right for you?

By considering your business objectives, tax objectives, and legal ramifications we will help you chose the correct business type that will meet your needs.

Need A Business Plan?

We can help you put together a professional business plan to include a “pro forma.”

Need Financing?

We have relationships with all of the major banks in the Las Vegas market and most of the local banks.

Each bank has different business types that they like and dislike, but they all like you to have skin in the game. If you have financing needs we may be able to help you.

Ready To Register Your Business?

We can file your federal and state registrations and obtain the appropriate business licenses.